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Most popular fonts on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

If you are a Web designer and often write (X)HTML/CSS code, then the following list might be useful for you. In it, I have combined the most popular fonts on Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. The data is drawn from here and the stats are valid as of January 17th, 2009:


Microsoft Sans Serif: 99.61%
Arial Black: 97.82%
Franklin Gothic Medium: 97.58%
Palatino Linotype: 97.54%
Verdana: 97.54%
Arial: 97.13%
Courier New: 96.96%
Comic Sans MS: 96.83%
Tahoma: 96.79%
Lucida Console: 96.76%
Impact: 96.49%
Trebuchet MS: 95.97%
Sylfaen: 95.00%
Lucida Sans Unicode: 94.34%
Georgia: 92.97%


Monaco: 96.91%
Arial: 96.62%
Courier: 96.48%
Helvetica: 96.48%
Arial Black: 95.78%
Verdana: 94.37%
Georgia: 93.53%
Helvetica Neue: 93.07%
Trebuchet MS: 92.69%
Geneva: 92.41%
Courier New: 92.12%
Gill Sans: 91.58%
Comic Sans MS: 91.42%
Times New Roman: 90.58%
Arial Narrow: 90.44%
Apple Chancery: 90.15%
Skia: 90.15%
Lucida Grande: 90.01%
Futura: 89.73%
Hoefler Text: 88.47%


DejaVu Sans Mono: 92.31%
Bitstream Charter: 90.77%
URW Chancery L: 89.87%
Nimbus Mono L: 89.35%
Century Schoolbook L: 89.09%

In bold above I have marked 7 font families in total. They are those fonts, which are found often on Windows and Mac (simultaneously), and these are (in mixed order):

1. Verdana (sans-serif font family)
2. Georgia (serif font family)
3. Courier New (monotype font family)
4. Arial (sans-serif font family)
5. Arial Black (sans-serif font family)
6. Trebuchet MS (sans-serif font family)
7. Comic Sans MS (sans-serif font family)

Unfortunately, none of these 7 fonts can be found among the most widespread fonts on Linux/Unix. Looks like I was wrong, when I assumed, that Verdana, for example, is one of the most popular fonts on Windows/Mac/Linux — the full stats show that Verdana is available on more than 90% of Windows/MacOS systems, but only on ~ 50% of the Linux systems…

More interesting conclusions can be made from the two available lists (short and long), for me it is enough to know that there are at least a few font families, which can be found on Windows and Mac systems at the same time.

Or, at least, your chances are quite high that one of these 7 fonts will be available… :-)

Manage your startup programs in Windows

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Starter is a startup manager, that allows you to view and manage all the programs that are starting automatically whenever Windows boots. It lists all the hidden registry entries, as well as the common Startup Folder items as well.

I discovered that this little program is very useful to me:)

You can get it here.

The Font-family Juice ITC

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Let me introduce you to the Font family. They enjoy going to the restaurant. The gentleman I.T.C. is very respectable man and his lovely young wife, Juice, is always dressed very well. The waiter knows them so well so he serves the usual beverages before they even make their choices from the menu.

I am still ill and keeping the bed all day, and I don’t have many distractions, so Ani got this funny idea — together to make an illustration, using only one font and the keyboard letters. :-)

drawing with adobe fireworks

Hope you like it… I’ll just try to have some sleep… :-)

PS Here are some more inspiring examples.

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