How to make Firefox remember *all* passwords (even when logging to PayPal & Yahoo Mail)

UPDATE (2013/Nov/18): There is a new and better way of dealing with the issue. Simply download and install the following Firefox add-on:

It will patch automatically the original Firefox Login Manager, to allow saving of passwords on forms which otherwise suppress it.

If you want to try the older, manual method of doing it, check my older post (see below); mind, in latest versions of Firefox the manual method may not work — I haven’t tested it.

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Note: The following “trick” applies to Mozilla Firefox, versions 3.0.x, 3.5.x and 3.6.x. For Firefox v. 4.0.x and later, please refer to the following comment (thanks, Jason!).

You have maybe noticed, when you log in to PayPal, Yahoo! Mail, Live Mail and some other websites, that Firefox 3 does not give you the option to save the name & password for you, which in certain cases is a nuisance.

The reason? Security. In the forms of these websites, in the field INPUT, the following code appears:

<input autocomplete="off" type="..." ... />

When "autocomplete" is ‘off’, then the browser (quite correctly) does not give the user the option of saving the password for him. For websites, such as PayPal, for example, using which you can transfer small or large sums of money, this is a very wise approach.

On the other hand, in this case, you have to manually type each time your username and/or password, which can be quite annoying (especially if they are very long/secure). If you are using your own computer/laptop, and you think that you do not need that extra bit of security, there is a very easy way to make Firefox 3 to remember the passwords even for these secure websites, which set autocomplete to “off”.

Here’s how:

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