WordPress 2.3.3 is not safe anymore – upgrade NOW! (link injection vulnerability)

A few days ago I was recommending to people not to upgrade to version 2.5 of WordPress, because at the time I believed WP 2.3.3 to be as stable and safe as the new 2.5 series. Besides, I liked (and still like) the old, ‘classic’, 2.3.x admin interface much more…

OK, I must take my words back and confirm that WordPress 2.3.3, the last stable release before the new WordPress 2.5 branch was released, is not safe anymore, and you can become a victim of the link injection hack (vulnerability).

What happened?

In one of the blogs, which I support (luckily, not my personal blog, which I have upgraded to 2.5/2.5.1 long ago), I have found ‘hidden’ links (code: <u style="display: none">[ bunch of spam links inserted here ]</u>) in one of the regular posts there.

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DU Meter vs. Net Meter

DU Meter screenshotSome time ago I was using and I was pretty excited about a small app, called DU Meter.

What it did, exactly?

Well, it just monitored my Internet bandwidth (current speeds of download/upload).

These were the times of good ol’ dial-up connections (33.6 kbps or, when you were lucky, 48-56 kbps).

Now these times are long gone, and speed is measured in Mbps, not in kbps… :-)

But DU Meter is still there, and Hagel Tech even released a brand-new version – 4.0:)

You can download it here: http://www.dumeter.com/download.php

It’s a trial, which will work for 30 days; after that, you can either stop using it, or buy a single license for USD 24.95.

Still, you should be aware, that a similar app exists now, and it is called Net Meter (current version is 1.1).

It does exactly the same things as DU Meter, but it’s freeware (you can make a small donation, though, if you like the program).

I tested both apps. Net Meter, to be frank, simply copied most of DU Meter’s interface look & feel (which is a good thing, if you are accustomed to DU Meter, but do not want to pay 25 dollars to buy it), and, apart from that, I do not see any major differences between them.

Which one to use, you may decide for yourself; still, it’s nice to know you have more than one option! :-)