Google’s new favicon?

Do I see wrong, or Google have just changed their favicon??

Google new favicon

I think I kinda liked the old one more… Besides, the new one has a lowercase ‘g‘, and the old one was with an uppercase, as in their logo.

Maybe Google will change their logo soon, too?… :-)


Comments to “Google’s new favicon?”:

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey, I noticed that too in my search bar. Maybe it’s because people are used to type “g keyword“, using a lowercase “g”. Besides, check that logo thing again, the fourth letter is a lowercase “g”, I think. ;)

  2. Andrew Says:

    Might I recommend a little script that changes it back to the old favicon?
    If you use GreaseMonkey already it’s only a tiny addition and it makes browsing google sites much more pleasant.

  3. Michel Says:


    Certainly you might! :-)


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