CSS Naked Day ‘2008

Today, exactly at midnight, my blog (www.optimiced.com), as well as Ani’s blog (www.molif.com), are getting rid of their ‘clothes’.

Today is ‘CSS Naked Day‘ — the day which promotes Web Standards!

CSS Naked Day 2008 - getting naked with CSS styles... and not only CSS ;-) class=

This ‘CSS Naked Day’ is 24 to 48 hours long, and will show, that a blog or website with well written HTML+CSS can look pretty well even without its clothes (without its CSS styles).

So, if you see my blog without CSS today or tomorrow (without its design), don’t be puzzled by this fact — we ‘stripped of’ our CSS styles for a good cause — and, as you can judge by the photo above (which we made together a few hours ago), not only of our CSS clothes, but also of our real clothes! (Read also a story at the Blogherald) ;-)

Long live Web Standards! :-D

WordPress 2.5: Give me back part of the 2.3 Classic interface, please!

Yesterday I made an upgrade from WP 2.3.3 to WP 2.5 (with full backup of MySQL database and files before that, of course). Looks like everything works fine:)

First, about the good things in WP 2.5:

  1. Editing tags is now built-in feature, which is great;
  2. A better visual editor (Rich Text Editor) — I don’t use it, but they claim it’s better;
  3. Fixed an old bug, which didn’t allow you to specify a directory for uploading files, which is one or more levels higher than the current WP directory (I just had to dig in deep, just to find that you have to fill correctly both fields in Settings → Misc [“Store uploads in this folder…” & “Full URL path to files (optional)…”], or this won’t work);
  4. A better Image Uploader;
  5. Possibility to automatically update plugins, with just one click (nice!).

There a lot of others, but these I noticed at first glance.

And now some rant from my part:

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