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xScope for designers

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

xScope 2 iconSmart tools as xScope 2 make me feel sorry sometimes, that I don’t own an Apple Mac! ;-)

If you work on a Mac and do (web)design, I recommend you to drop a look at Doug Bowman‘s blog, where he wrote a detailed explanation about xScope (in short, this is something like Screen Calipers, multiplied by 10… or even 100!).

Argh! This is called Win-discrimination! :-D

Fireworks Tutorial (contest extension)

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Adobe Fireworks contestIf you still didn’t send your Fireworks tutorial — now’s the moment, as the contest is extended ’till end of March!

I avow, that I didn’t yet send anything, because I started writing my tutorial in the evening of February 28th, and after approx. 2 hours of writing and taking screenshots I got at a dead end and… went to bed:)

Now I have the chance to make a revanche and finally create my first tutorial about my favourite graphics program ;-)

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