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I always liked graphic design. As Web designer, up until now I did not need any 3D skills in my work, and in the rare occasions, when I was imitating 3D or 2.5D (as this pencil, for example, created with Fireworks), I did it for fun:)

If you watched Ice Age or Shrek, you certainly know how advanced is now the 3D animation. Of course, I watched these movies, too, and I know that nowadays, almost every real object can be drawn in such a way, so it looks really real:)

Notwithstanding this fact, I was amazed to see this:

Pool balls, by Steve Moody (virtualcoder.co.uk)
[©Steve Moody, virtualcoder.co.uk]

Looks incredible!

Yes, I know it’s not a photo, I know these balls were created using a 3D program, and for all that, my mind cannot accept this fact, somehow… I was even trying to convince myself not to check for available EXIF data in this image, it looked so much as a photograph to me:-)


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