Fireworks contest for best tutorial

Do you use Macromedia Adobe Fireworks?

Do you love graphic design?

Did you ever tried to write a tutorial?

If the answers to at least the first two questions is ‘yes’, then the following info might be intersting to you:

Adobe Fireworks contestFireworks Zone is holding a contest for best Fireworks tutorial.

Here you can find detailed info about the contest.

The contest is sponsored by GenoPal (color selection software).

Here follow the contest’s regulations, in short:

  • Everybody can participate.
  • The contest has already started, but you still have more than a week to jump in (the contest started on January 28th and will end on February 28th 2008.)
  • Prizes (first, second, third): Genopal Pro v1.0 worth USD 49.95 (first and second prize win an additional bonus!;-)
  • The tutorials of the three winners will be published on the Fireworks Zone website.
  • Language is English. Possible formats: HTML document/Fireworks .PNG/MS Word document.
  • if you wish to participate, send your tutorial to: webmaster(a.t.) (change the (a.t.) part with the @ sign, of course;-)
  • More info? Here! :-)

Good luck, if you’ll participate! (I might participate, too, if I find a couple of free hours this week…) :-)

PS FZ is a good resource for Fireworks users. It is created and supported by Thierry Lorey (who wrote, for example, the tutorial How to create 3D crystals with Fireworks — on this tutorial even I tried my humble Fw skills;-) — if you have any questions regarding the contest, don’t hesitate to write to Thierry! :-)


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