How to re-create the Show Desktop icon on the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows

Sometimes you might accidentally delete the Show Desktop icon on the quick launch toolbar.

It’s fairly easy to restore it.

My preferred method is to just copy the icon from computer to computer, but there’s another way, too. Also, mind that the Show Desktop icon is not an ordinary program shortcut — but if the icon is deleted, you can re-create it easily, by following these steps (info copied from Microsoft kb #190355):

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Why you should ditch your car and ride a bike

Not that I didn’t write on the subject before, but it’s kinda nice to read about the same thing elsewhere, isn’t it? :-)

Top money saving tip #1: Get rid of your car + ride a bike instead.

Seriously, a car is a money suck, it ruins the environment and it makes you lazy. Having a bike is fun. It makes your quality of life go way up… you get exercise, you smile more and it’s kinda fast.