Blog Action Day (2007)

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action DayTwo words from me (you can check the Bulgarian version of this post, which is much more detailed).

It’s about the bicycle.

Yes, that bicycle.

A lot of people are writing today in their blogs, how we can change to world, and making it a better, greener place to live.

I’d like not to use so much words, but tell you about some action.

Some time ago (maybe 5 years or so), I started to ride a bicycle, instead of using the public transportation system, a personal car or the taxis.

Our bicycles

I am not talking here about the bicycle as leisure or doing things like this (if you do things like this, you’ll have to search for tips somewhere else;-)

I’m talking about the bicycle as a transport in a big or small city.

I believe it’s one of the most effective means of transport, invented by humans till today.

It changed my life.

I am faster than a car, a bus, tram or even the underground.

I do not have to pay taxes, buy gas and oil, worry about expensive repairs and worry about finding a place to park my car.

In Amsterdam, which population is around 730’000 people, the preferred means of transport are the following: 35% – bicycle, 40% – cars, and 25% – public transportation system [source].

It means, around 250’000 people in this European city choose every day the bicycle.

It means, it is possible!

It’s more a question of personal choice.

And of wise municipal policy.

Would be nice if we, people, realise that small choices we make (like use a bicycle for transportation everyday), are worth much more than a thousand words in someone’s blog…

So stop reading (and writing) now, go buy a bicycle (if you didn’t yet do so), and start riding!

The Earth will be very grateful for this action of yours… :-)

And your co-citizens, too…

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Comments to “Blog Action Day (2007)”:

  1. Hebrides Guy Says:

    Way to go!

    I live on a remote island which is popular with cyclists. They can be a problem when they ride two abreast on a single track road but what a way to enjoy the countryside.

    I think our cities should do more to encourage cycle use. In fact it would be a good idea to promote it heavily from an early age. In the UK we are seeing a massive increase in child obeisity and cycling is a cool way to keep healthy. I remember as a kid nearly everyone had a bike today fewer children use them.

  2. Michel Says:

    Hey, which island do you live on? :-)

    I like cycling — the problem is, in my city, it’s very hard to use a bicycle… the city is overflowing with cars only, and there is no single bike path anywhere :(

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