The Moon, as seen by a Canon EOS 350D camera

I am a lucky owner of a Canon EOS 350D digital camera, plus 3 sets of lenses — 28-105 mm, 90-300 mm, and one 50 mm for macro shots.

But this is just for a few days… I’ve borrowed the Canon from a friend, to experiment, and will have to return it soon; still, I have some time to experiment…

…and today I tried to make a photo of the Moon, when it was rising above the horizon.

To make the long story short, here are my modest results (click the thumbnail for full-size):

The Moon (as seen by a Canon EOS 350D)

I tried a lot of manual settings, before I achieved some acceptable results. Also, the 90-300 lens is not very good at its long end (after the 220-300 mm range images tend to become a bit blurry), and still…

…I am very happy with this shot of mine – the first one in my life, in which you can see actually the Moon, and not a blurry yellow dot instead! ;-)

Maybe I’ll publish some more shots these days…

The 350D is a marvellous machine — pity that I can’t afford myself one like it… But maybe one day, who knows? :-)

PS If you’re curious about the full EXIF info (ISO, exact aperture, exposure, etc.), check the thumbnail!
PPS As if by accident, NASA Image of the Day (APOD) published yesterday a very interesting photo of the moon, too – reason is the full lunar eclipse which happened on the 28th of August and lasted for 90 minutes:)

Sunset at the Black Sea

This is one of my favourite shots from this summer’s going to the Black Sea — I liked the sunset colours a lot, the clouds, the sun rays, shining through the trees, and the seagull, which passed though my field of vision by accident right in the moment when I was pressing the trigger of my Pentax! :-)

Sunset at the sea

(14 August 2007 @ ~19:00 h, St. Constantine and Helena resort, near Varna, Bulgaria; the photo was made from a small pier in the sea facing the shore; for full EXIF, check the thumbnail)

A Bench in the Park

A bench in the park

The photo is from the Black Sea (a park in the resort St. Constantine & Helena, near Varna), the original is in full color, but I like this edit in black & white:)