Apple Safari 3.0 Beta – version for Windows

Safari 3.0 Beta for WindowsSafari – with a brand new Windows version! Sounds almost incredible, but it’s a fact…

I saw the news by accident – dropped a look to the new design of Apple (MacOS X Leopard, being the reason for the new design, I guess), and from there clicked the Download Apple Safari 3.0 Beta… for Windows! How can you resist not to click such a link! :-)

Internet Explorer won’t have a version for MacOS anymore (unless Microsoft change their mind at some point). The last version was IE 5.2/Mac and that was ages ago…

And now Apple releases a version of Safari for Windows!

I downloaded the beta [Safari version 3.0.1 (522.12.2), to be precise] — I was curious, of course — I do not have constant access to a Mac, so even only for testing of websites in Safari this version would be of great use for me:)

Three things make impression immediately:

  • Safari on Windows looks like Safari on Mac;
  • some Windows functions don’t work (for example, you cannot scroll the page when you press down the scroll (middle) button of the mouse);
  • font rendering looks very different – Windows doesn’t have any influence on the rendering of the fonts – nor ClearType, nor any other way of anti-aliasing (font smoothing) works…

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