Beat Box… in three voices?

One more impressive video:

Joseph - Beat Box in three voices! Click to watch…

The man has three voices… and can use them simultaneously! You won’t believe, until you see… I mean, until you hear it;-)

UPDATE 1 (2009/03/17): YouTube have deleted the video, unfortunately.

UPDATE 2 (2009/04/29): After some search, I have found another recording of this amazing guy, Joseph Poolpo! Here it is:

I hope that YouTube won’t delete this one! :-)


Comments to “Beat Box… in three voices?”:

  1. modifoo Says:

    That video is unfortunately offline now. Do you happen to have a copy?

  2. Michel Says:

    Unfortunately, no. YouTube is (I think so) .flv files, they can be downloaded and played using an FLV player, but I didn’t save a copy of this one… Try searching other sources? :-)

  3. optimiced | en » Beat Box… in three voices (2) Says:

    […] years ago I’ve found a video with him; the video was on YouTube and later I have found that it is deleted (possibly a […]

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