I read a long article today on the benefits of laugh, with lots of sicentific data on how it may improve your health, etc.

But what caught my attention more was a research, made on 2 million people accross the whole planet, with the aim to assess around 40’000 jokes.

The results of two nations caught my eye – Belguim and Scotland.

Best joke in Belgium was acknowledged the following:

“Why ducks are web-footed? To extinguish fires with them. And why elephants have flat feet? To step over the ducks on fire.”

Hmm?… And in Scotland joke number one was:

“I want to die peacefully in my sleep in the train, like my grand-father did, and not screaming in horror, like his passengers.”

This one was a good one! I had to read the joke twice before I’ve got it… :-D

Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone! (Today is not a suitable day for anything serious, and with all my coughing and sneezing this weekend, what more is left to me than to keep my bed, to read, write and (occasionaly) draw a little;)

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