WordPress 2.1.2… finally on my blog as well:-)

…or, in other words, the latest and greatest WordPress (namely, version 2.1.2), now works on my website as well:-)

All plugins are OK – the few I use include LightBox 0.6.4beta, Google Sitemap 3.0b6, WP-Shortstat 1.12a.

WordPress powers optimiced.com from January 1st, 2007. I like a lot WP from the moment I started to use it.

The first version I’ve installed was 2.0.5, and then WP 2.0.6 was out, then 2.0.7, 2.0.9, 2.1 “Ella”, 2.1.1… and only then I decided that it’s time to upgrade. I did.

But on the next day, after I have successfully made backup of the database and of the files and upgraded to 2.1.1, a serious possible security problem was discovered in 2.1.1 and news was spread we should upgrade as soon as possible to 2.1.2.

Well, I got lazy.

I used 2.1.1 for a few weeks and only tonight have decided that the right moment has come, and after a new series of backups and strict adherence to the instructions, I am already with 2.1.2 up and running :-) Same applies to the Bulgarian version, of course.

After my brilliant upgrades I celebrated with a cup of healthy tea and one beer from the fridge:)

After that I read some blogs (designers’ & developers’ blogs mostly)…

…and now I am sleepy as hell, so good night! More to come soon;-)


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