The End of the ‘No’ Week

:-)I drink my Jacobs Cronat Gold coffee now (mmmmh…), with honey and cream, and think how beautiful Life is:)

My experiment is over – the week without coffee, black and green tea, beer, wine, chocolate and other things, which contain caffeine, tanine and alcohol:)

And here come the long-awaited results from this experiment:

  1. I survived;-)
  2. I feel good:-)
  3. Everything is much tastier to me now:-)

I may repeat the experiment, one day. But now…

…I plan to have some crispy potato chips tonight (or fried potatos), together with some nice, cold beer, mmmmh;-)


Comments to “The End of the ‘No’ Week”:

  1. Andrea! Says:

    Hey, you did a little experiment like me. Cool, huh! Your blog is VERY inspired–lots of interesting topics and photos. I’m impressed! I’ve been shortening my blogs for you–perhaps they are better? That was a good suggestion. Except I need to get a hold of you (Michael is gone) because someone from the Irish Embassy wants to talk to you—uh oh. Did you drink too much green beer last St. Patrick’s Day? No, probably not. They apparently saw your comment about the Dublin Working Man’s Band on our website and want to talk to you! But Eddie just called and I called you, so now I dont’ need your email, but I’m glad I got to comment on your blog! Happy days!

  2. Michel Says:


    Yes, a small experiment, but mine was easier than yours – I just stopped drinking coffee, beer, tea and eat chocolate for a while;-) It’s not so difficult…

    Thx for the comment and for dropping by, first;-)

    How did end your cleansing period, btw? :-) I see you survived, that is good:)

    As to the Dublin City Workingman’s Band review, it was actually written by Ani and published on her blog… but I already contacted her and she contacted Eddie so all is OK now:)))

    As to… longer posts or shorter ones… I am still searching for my own style, and refining it on the go:) Hope to find it soon:)

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