The Week no-Coffee no-Beer no-Wine no-CocaCola no-BlackTea no-GreenTea no-Chocolate :)

Illustration to the No Week, by MichelYes, I am firmly decided. It’ll be this week. I start right now. This morning.

The experiment will continue exactly one week, or 168 hours. From Friday to Friday.

I will exclude from my daily diet everything, which contains caffeine and alcohol, also tannin. Any stimulating or calming chemical substances.

I won’t drink coffee. Regular coffee, and also decaffeinated coffee. Nor soluble coffee. No coffee at all.

I won’t eat chocolate. Nor waffers. You won’t be able to seduce me even with Lindt pralinés (although this one will be tough, If you’ve tried Lindt Lindor, mmmmmh… then you know what I’m talking about;-)

In the evening, I won’t drink a beer or two to relax. The wine also will be included in my “black list”. Same for the tea with some honey and a bit of whiskey, before going to bed.

I won’t drink green tea as well, as it contains caffeine and tannin. Nor black tea. Only herbal infusions and Rooibos tea.

You won’t be able to tempt me with some Coke, too.

Everything which is stimulating and calming goes into this list. You won’t see me even with my favourite Aldo Morelli bent pipe, blowing small beautiful smoke clouds to the wind (not that you can see me with it often, anyway, but this way the list looks more impressive;-)

Don’t get me wrong – not that I am so terribly addicted to caffeine, tannin, alcohol, Coca-Cola and chocolate;-)

Rather the opposite! (I appreciate moderation, and I am not against caffeine, tannin and wine. I am curious, will it be easy to escape the habit for a while, and what’ll happen. Call it “Purification”. Or “Experiment”. Or “What will happen, if…”. It doesn’t matter.)

Well, during the day, I drink one or two cups of coffee, with great pleasure (sometimes three). During the week-end I don’t drink coffee usually, only tea, Rooibos, herbal infusions or green tea. In the evening I like to open a cold beer from the fridge – do you know, how well they go together, cold beer and fried potatoes and a salad from tomatoes and cucumbers, mmmmh!:-)

I love and I appreciate the good wine, too. A glass of red wine, in the evening, is something beautiful, and lots of studies proved that the moderate consumption of red wine leads to longer life (see France, for example), and also may act stimulatingly if you do some creative work.

I don’t drink Coca-Cola, maybe a couple of times during the year, maximum.

In fact, the goal of this experiment is to see, how will I feel, if a whole week my body is deprived from any of these substances – caffeine, tannin, alcool, etc…

And after a week? Nothing:) I’ll just write about the results of the experiment. Wish me luck, for now! I go to get myself another glass of water:)))

Note: If you see that after a week there is no single new post in my blog, it means… The experiment was unsuccessful and my body was too accustomed to all of these substances. Tell a short prayer in this case and… no matter what happens, don’t stop the coffee and beer!:-P

UPDATE: Errrr, well… I guess the start of this righteous decision should be postponed for tomorrow – right now I am drinking cold beer at home after being with friends and some great red wine:)


Comments to “The Week no-Coffee no-Beer no-Wine no-CocaCola no-BlackTea no-GreenTea no-Chocolate :)”:

  1. Mary Says:

    No caffeine, no tea, no coke and no beer. then what to take?

  2. Michel Says:


    Errr, that was just an experimental week, don’t take it so seriously… :-)

    Now there’s again coffee and beer and tea!

    PS Besides, no one ever died from caffeine-loss! ;-)

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