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Watch the video (Minuscule/Futurikon)There’s a video and you should watch it.

Better with sound.

Better with sound on your THX-certified sound system, volume to the max:-)

(If you don’t happen to own such a system, err… Then use whatever sound system is available around;-)

The Ladybird from MinusculeThe Spider from MinusculeThe intro video (currently, the only video available to watch at the website) is great. I enjoyed it a lot – it was fun, fast-paced and beautifully drawn. The technique the guys and girls from Minuscule/Futurikon (Thomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud) use is quite unusual – they use a mix of real footage and 3D animation, plus real-life sound, very suitably selected.

I don’t know how they do it, but it’s incredibly realistic. You see every petal of a flower moving in the wind, and at the same time the digital ladybird sitting on it, like alive. Minuscule shows you the world of insects the way you never have seen it, with sense of humour, aimed both at children and adults. It’s kind of a documentary cartoon, so to say.

In a word, go see this movie!

Screenshot of website, made at night And the website of is in itself very appealing (although not all of the sections work, yet). The Flash they used to build it is nice and stylish. During the day, it has one appearance. And during the night, a completely different one. I am not a big Flash fan (this Web technology was often and is still abused), but in some cases, it’s appropriate and adds to the effect – like in this case.

It’s a pity there’s only one video teaser currently… I am already waiting for more!:-)


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