The Mice Galaxies NGC4676 (source of the photograph: NASA, Hubble Telescope)Sounds incredible, but Ani has discovered yesterday that there’s a galaxy a pair of galaxies called The Mice (NGC 4676)! Wow!

Quoting the Hubble Telescope website:

This pair of galaxies, NGC 4676, also known as “The Mice” for their tails of stars and gas, have collided and will eventually merge into a single galaxy. Streams of material have been tugged out of the galaxies by the force of gravity, triggering new starbirth.

When will be discovered a galaxy called Optimiced, then? ;-)

(I guess, I’ll have first to discover it…:-)

3 thoughts on “The Mice Galaxies (NGC4676)

  1. If you look very carefully, imagine a face on the brightest bit on the left-most galaxy, and the next bright bit is a hand, then the long bit is a sword :P

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