Work/Life Balance

A post on Work/Life balance by Ani got me thinking…

What is my balance at the moment?

The test was quickly made, I didn’t think much on every question, just followed my intuition. After 1 or two minutes the results appeared:

My Work/Life (im)balance diagram. 11 points (out of 100)... Lemme see, where did you order online those big nice Colts ;-)

11 points. Great…

It’s good I didn’t get minus 11:-)

It reminds me somehow of the shortest article Dan Cederholm ever wrote (or, more exactly, painted).

Work:Life 1:0. Or close to.

Hmmm… I don’t think I have anything more to add.


Comments to “Work/Life Balance”:

  1. Ani Says:

    Great. I have nothing to add…

  2. [vladi] Says:

    Score: 43/42
    Your work life and personal life are partially ballanced.
    This are the results after a (1) slow, thorough reading of questions, carefull thinking and answering, based on lowest extreme of workload (7 hours/day, which happens some of the time) and (2) fast, intuitive answering the questions, I already knew from (1), based on the higher workload (9 hours/day, which happens as equally). Both passes assume I have 17-hour active day, and workload is usually between the marks 7-9, although sometimes rising up to 11-13 hours/day. I count the time, I spend in front of the computer in the evening, learning things and chatting, as leisure time ;-)
    I would really appreciate new ideas of having fun and taking it slowly in modern society, working as ICT specialist, and not turning into a complete sluggard (I did not know this one in english, that’s why I incude definition, just in case), cause I would really try to do better ;o)

  3. Ani Says:

    Vladi, you are much forward. We won’t reach your state of mind soon. :-)
    Keep going in this direction. You are inspiration.

  4. Michel Says:

    Hey, Vladi,

    You are real inspiration, and it’s real honour for me that you passed by and shared some of your thoughts:-)

    I have much to learn, to score at least 30 points I think:)))

  5. christian Says:

    Work life balance is a myth, so long as you love what you do.
    Balance is created between two opposing forces. If you love what you do then Work and Life should work in unison, not opposition. When this happens the result is always success, happiness and fulfillment.

    Just came across your blog randomly. I like it

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